Redlove Apple Kisses Double Coated in Milk Chocolate

  • Lenswood Foods' Redlove(R) Apple in Milk Chocolate. These delicious chocolates are made from Lenswood Foods' freezedried apples and double coated in Adelaide Hills Foods (Emmalines) premium milk chocolate.

    What is Redlove(R) Apple?

    Redlove apple is naturally pink to red in colour, inside the apple. The apples were cross bred between pomegranate and Granny Smith using natural methods over the course of 20 years. The apple has a tangy flavour that is sensational with chocolate, reminiscent of the flavour of Clinkers.

    What is Freeze-Drying?

    The freeze-drying process extracts the moisture out of the apple, leaving it light and crispy. There is nothing added to the apple, it is completely natural - so no sulphites. We don't add any sugar syrup to our freezedried apple either. Lenswood Cold Stores in the Adelaide Hills are the exclusive growers of this apple here in Australia, and most of these apples are grown in the Adelaide Hills. Lenswood Foods Company have exclusive rights to this apple for value add products, here in South Australia, so this is a very special offering.